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All about Orthotics and Prosthetic Treatment

Prosthetics are devices that are used in replacement or extensions of human body parts that may have been damaged or missing. Apart from accidents the need for prosthetics may come about due to birth defects, accidents and diseases as well. Some traumatic injuries like in the case of military personnel injured in combat will see people require prosthetics to live a normal life as they have been before the accident. The prosthetic can be attached to a wound, stump and bone that has completely healed that way the person missing a natural limb gets to have their physical function restored.

The artificial limbs can be classified into four basic categories.A transfemoral prosthetic is that which is required to replace a limb that is missing above the knee while a transtibial prosthetic will work for below the knee limb replacement. Arms are common limbs that suffer damage from accidents as well, when it comes to prosthetics for the arm the amputee might need an above the elbow replacement known as a tansradial prosthetic or a below the elbow known as transhumeral.

There are other prosthetics that can be made for smaller parts of the body. The prosthetics can come with biosensors that will enable them to detect the temperature changes and other sensations of the body. Apart from purchasing the prosthetics online you can have one custom made by professionals which will be comfortable and realistic to you but it will cost you a bit more. Prosthetics tend to wear in a period of three to four years and will need to be replaced. Tech application in every field tends to improve things for the better, the prosthetic solution being availed today area testament of that as they are lighter and more flexible hence more functional.

The materials being used to make them are more durable besides being lightweight and are integrated with electronics to aid in conversion of muscle movement into electric signals that helps motion to be even more natural. Looking at how the lives of people with prosthetics have changed its right to say that there are benefits that come with them. Thanks to the prosthetics you are able to regain your ability to move around and do everything you want in your daily life and more importantly you live a social life.

In some cases infants will be born with deformational plagiocephaly where their head is uneven or irregular shape. The cranial helmet will most likely be prescribed for your child when other options have failed to work. You might have several options to choose from if the doctor has prescribed that option for your child. There are many companies that are in the business of making the orthotic devices, it’s wise to speak to the doctor for recommendations on which to use.

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